Polimix Ambiental recycles Scrap Tires in order to recover it into products that will be used as raw material.

Using continuous Pyrolysis Process, Polimix Ambiental has the capacity to process 30.000 ton of rubber (Scrap Tires) per year, recovering this amount in to Carbon Black, Oil and Steel.


The company recovers carbon black, which is certified by quality control standards. Furthermore, this product can replace some of the ASTM carbon black grades. Our product can reduce production costs, and it can increase physical properties in different types of application.


Carbon Black - PX300

Reinforcing carbon black is used in rubber compounds, in order to decrease the abrasion. Some examples of application are: tire treads, conveyor belt, hose, rubber sole, because it decrease the abrasion loss.

Carbon Black - PX500

Semi-reinforcing carbon black is used for extruded materials in order to increase its surface finish. Some examples of application are hose, o-rings, windshield wiper, fuel hose, window frame, rubber pads. In addition, the semi-reinforcing carbon black is also used for the plastic industry and inks.

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The Company

Polimix organization was founded in 1976, and it is a Brazilian company that starts the business in concrete services in the civil construction field.

Nowadays it is one of the biggest companies in this field in Brazil and it operates in 6 different countries. Besides the concrete services, the company also operates in other fields, such as aggregates, agglomerates, mortar, limestone, bulk transportation, renewable energy and recycling.

Polimix has more than 7.000 employees and it keeps investing in order to provide the highest level of quality in its services.


ISO 9001:2008

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